What Is Happening To America?

What Is Happening To America?

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Every day patriotic Americans wake up, look at their phones and see headlines that defy belief. Every day there is a news story that seems so upside down that we think it can't possibly be true. Our own government selling out America for their own corrupt interests.

There's Joe Biden pumping illegals into our country by the thousands every day, giving them free housing, phones, meals and more.

Biden coudn't even get Laken Riley's name right during his fumbling and mumbling through his pathetic State Of The Union Address. Calling the young lady murdered by an Illegal Alien by the wrong name is a slap in the face to her family and this entire nation.

Schools are brainwashing our children instead of teaching them. Teachers and staff pushing a gender agenda on children and using it to divide them from their families.
In one of many twisted stories coming out of America's public schools was a report in Oklahoma where students were encouraged to lick peanut butter off of the feet and armpits of teachers and school staff to raise cash for a fund raiser.

Our borders are insecure, our leaders are corrupt and the media might as well be a press release factory for the government because honest reporting is long gone.
 At Fubar Shirts we still are proud of America and what it stands for but the people of our nation really need to remove the corrupt politicians who are more interested in money and power than the future of our great nation. It's not too late but if we do nothing, one day it will be.

We at FubarShirts.com will always stand on the side of patriotism, national pride and firmly in the camp of Making America Great Again.
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God Bless America

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